Rest Up with a Nap … and Coffee??

Medford, Oregon, August 29, 2014 – Like coffee? Like naps? Energy feeling a little bit low? … try a Coffee Nap!

espresso-300x300What? Has the world gone bonkers?

The science sounds reasonable. I tried it. Seemed to work a treat.

Who knew?

Check it out —

CLICK HERE for Sleep Junkies article “Caffeine Nap: The Ultimate Power-Up”

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Answering Service Shreveport Louisiana?

August 10, 2014, Medford Oregon – I’ve been working with Answering Service, and have begun a big experiment. In this experiment, I have created some videos, and here is one about the dangers of hapless selection, for anyone seeking a telephone answering service in scenic Shreveport Louisiana —

Best Answering Service Shreveport LA



Do you like it?

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New Amazon Book on 70th Birthday!

Medford, Oregon, April 7, 2014 – On this day, I am officially 70 years old, and on this day my second marketing book is available on Amazon (print and kindle editions).

What it says on the back cover —

Get Endless New Clients

“How to Build an Automatic Selling Machine to Ensure Business Growth and Cash Flow”

BookImage-EndlessNewClients-TAS-3D-312x350-wShadow-revAThe death of a dream … and awakening …

How many men and women awoke one day with a bright dream, a dream of their own business, something they could pour their heart and soul into, something they could trust, and bring something good to the world.

And how it might grow, and the warm sensation of pride deep inside, and a hope that someday, a legacy, something to change the world, if only a little.

But slowly, the dream twisted and darkening into something ominous, deepening into worry and pain, unhappy visions of something lost, grinding down the days. You’re expert at your business, so why these endless days of alarm and trouble, sleepless nights, and where did the dream go?

Continue reading

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What is Five-Step Abundance?

There are many wonderful things in this world. There are many ways to think. There are many ways to plan. There are many ways to exercise. There are many ways to eat for health. And there are many ways to improve yourself.

Sometimes … too many.

While there are probably as many possible ways to go about living an abundant life as there are people who would love to have an abundant life, many of these methods are complex, time-consuming, expensive, and troublesome. In addition, how do you choose what works the best?


Five Step Abundance is a compact and powerful approach to answering these questions, and providing solutions which are easy-to-understand, quick-acting, and inexpensive. In addition, they fit together so that the total result is greater than the five simple parts.

Here you will find five paths to abundance, and one or two simple systems for each path:

  1. How to VISUALIZE and use the true power of the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want.
  2. How to use a logical method to TARGET what you want, making a plan that gets you there, and enhancing your time, energy, and money power along the way.
  3. How to TUNE your body using the 3 Minute Gym for fast conditioning, to give you vibrant energy every day.
  4. How to FUEL your body using the unique Vegistentialist system to avoid early death from common illnesses, to live longer, and to feel really, really good.
  5. How to FREE your mind from old hurts, old angers, and old disappointments; and to free your body from old emotional upsets, which often also clears physical ailments.


The Five Step Abundance method promises you this:

* A complete approach to living a life of abundance.

* Simplicity, speed, and effectiveness in every part.

* The clarity of covering all facets of life by focusing on five areas.

* Inexpensive, fast-working, powerful solutions to feeling good and living well.

* An answer to the question: “How can a person live a joyful life of abundance?

Thank you for visiting. We’re glad you’ve come to see what Five Step Abundance can do to totally transform your life for the better. It’s a lot of fun, it works very well, and it feels really, really good.


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How to Wake Up in the Morning

[reprinted with permission from]

waking up in the morningWeed, California, November 16, 2010 — Last night I was reading “Use Your Brain for a Change: by Richard Bandler, and he was describing how people motivate themselves to do things … such as how we wake up in the morning.

In the book, one fellow described using anxiety (how he’d be late, etc) to get himself up, but then this woman described how she thought about the pleasant things she would be doing. And when there were no pleasant things she liked doing, she thought about how pleasant it would be to have them *done*. And so …    Continue reading

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