A Gift from 1986

Panhandle Park, below my Garret Apartment

Panhandle Park, below my Garret Apartment

Lyon and Oak, San Francisco, 1986 – I’d fallen in love with synthesizers, and learned to compose and play. And how to record these songs. In my garret flat, high above the Golden Gate Panhandle Park, with Simmons drums, a Yamaha keyboard, synth modules from Oberheim and Yamaha and Ensoniq, and an early Apple computer, I created music.

Some of these songs had been first recorded while I worked in Dallas for StarTel. The playing is pretty poor, but so thrilling to be able to do it.

Composing songs, however … was effortless. I had a secret method. I’d start a drum machine or repeat a set of chords, and then just listen for the melody that was already in there. Maybe that’s cheating, but it worked for me.

Enough for a Cassette Tape

I realized I had enough songs “in the can,” to make a cassette tape, and I thought what a wonderful Christmas gift to send to all my fans-  Oops, I mean friends and family. A cassette tape featuring songs by MEEEEE!

So I did. And that’s why … Continue reading

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“Afformations” – a Better Method for Affirmations

In another micro-story here on The Adventures of Bloggard, I described my “Twenty-Second Tune-Up” method whereby you can feel good in twenty seconds. Quite a few people have responded, and asked: “Why does this work so well?”

Gather round. I’ll try to keep the explaino brief.

Normal Affirmations Sometimes Don’t Work

When you do an affirmation, and remembering that the unconscious mind works only by association, it becomes clear why the unconscious mind raises those (past or habitual) thoughts that are actually in direct contradiction to what you were just affirming.

For example, you say, “I have a million dollars,” but the little voice inside your head pipes up and says, “Oh, yeah, SURE you do.”

And that’s because … Continue reading

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Rest Up with a Nap … and Coffee??

Medford, Oregon, August 29, 2014 – Like coffee? Like naps? Energy feeling a little bit low? … try a Coffee Nap!

espresso-300x300What? Has the world gone bonkers?

The science sounds reasonable. I tried it. Seemed to work a treat.

Who knew?

Check it out —

CLICK HERE for Sleep Junkies article “Caffeine Nap: The Ultimate Power-Up”

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Answering Service Shreveport Louisiana?

August 10, 2014, Medford Oregon – I’ve been working with Answering Service, and have begun a big experiment. In this experiment, I have created some videos, and here is one about the dangers of hapless selection, for anyone seeking a telephone answering service in scenic Shreveport Louisiana —

Best Answering Service Shreveport LA



Do you like it?

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New Amazon Book on 70th Birthday!

Medford, Oregon, April 7, 2014 – On this day, I am officially 70 years old, and on this day my second marketing book is available on Amazon (print and kindle editions).

What it says on the back cover —

Get Endless New Clients

“How to Build an Automatic Selling Machine to Ensure Business Growth and Cash Flow”

BookImage-EndlessNewClients-TAS-3D-312x350-wShadow-revAThe death of a dream … and awakening …

How many men and women awoke one day with a bright dream, a dream of their own business, something they could pour their heart and soul into, something they could trust, and bring something good to the world.

And how it might grow, and the warm sensation of pride deep inside, and a hope that someday, a legacy, something to change the world, if only a little.

But slowly, the dream twisted and darkening into something ominous, deepening into worry and pain, unhappy visions of something lost, grinding down the days. You’re expert at your business, so why these endless days of alarm and trouble, sleepless nights, and where did the dream go?

Continue reading

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