A Tale of Toblerone …

Barbarella Reflects Upon LifeA Movie Theatre near Picadilly, London, 1968: Funny how memories come back to you. Pointless little things, a turn of phrase, the way some trees looked against the clouds on a dim horizon.

One of the moments in my life that I remember, from time to time, from 40 years ago, and still laugh each time, was a snippet of conversation overheard, when I first sat down in a theatre in London, to watch the film Barbarella.

The film had not yet begun, and I gradually became aware of the two guys in the row right behind me. Being American, it seemed to me that their cockney accents were thick as bad pudding.

Said one: “I’m going to the confession, mate.”

Said the other: “Get us a Toblerone, eh?”

“Save me seat?”

“Guard it wi’ me life, I will!”

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