Marketing Online, Clear and Simple: newspaper review

Mt. Shasta, California, Jan 18, 2012: I’m in the newspaper! I’m in the newspaper! (Again.)

Today the Mount Shasta Herald, which covers most of the Siskiyou county towns, published a great interview with me about my new book “Marketing Online, Clear and Simple, for Local Business.” I got my picture in, and a photo of the book as well. Wow! For the next 15 or 20 minutes, I’m famous!

[from the article]

Cronos’s book outlines three steps which he says will help local businesses make money online.

“A website is not enough. There are two other steps that need to be accomplished before money begins pouring in unexpectedly.” This three-step formula is clearly and succinctly laid out in his 172 page book.

Cronos said he was involved with computers before the internet became popular and as a business person in San Francisco, he was one of the first to put up a website.

“I didn’t intend to acquire this information, but simply due to circumstance, I’ve had the good fortune to see how selling and writing is adapted to the cyber-universe,” Cronos writes in the book’s preface.

“And through working with my clients and their businesses, I’ve discovered how to separate what works from the tidal wave of opinions and methods that normally bury the inquiring business person.”

[Marketing Online newspaper review: read more]

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2 Responses to Marketing Online, Clear and Simple: newspaper review

  1. Arthur,
    Congratulations on the great article in the Mt. Shasta Herald! Was very happy for you when I stumbled upon it in the paper.

    Your new book, “Online Marketing–Clear and Simple” offers easy, informative tips and strategies that will benefit any small business owner who takes the time and effort to put them to use.

    Hope the book does very well for you! I’ll be keeping an eye on the newspaper for the upcoming “Book Signing Event/Online Marketing Q & A with Author, Arthur Cronos” notice 😉 To Your Success!

    • bloggard says:

      Wow, coming from you, this is major accolade, and I don’t mean the stuff you spread on the morning toast!

      And a toast to you, my friend!


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