Introducing Webnova.Net Affordable Websites

Weed, California, January 10, 2012 — I’ve been thinking. And that’s always fun. Here’s the scoop …

For some time now, I’ve been focusing on CopyDragon webwriters, because after all I have been a business writer for 40 years and an internet expert for 15 years. There’s been enough work and more to keep me busy.

But time and time again, I encounter small business folks, sometimes artists and “spiritual” folks and therapists and such, and they know they ought to get on the internet, but they don’t really have resources adequate to hire me for a custom, full-blown marketing project.

I wrote a book, spelling out the process, but now I’ve worked out how to create low-cost, easily affordable, and quickly-deliverable websites so that even the smallest enterprise can get a foothold on the internet. Since such a huge number of people search online even before visiting a local store — and even more with the proliferation of cell phones — then simply *being there* becomes darned important.

Get a Website for $99, 3-Day Turnaround

And now, anyone can have a website, quick and affordable …

Introducing Affordable Websites from WebNova.Net.

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